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Low-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid ACTIVE GEL 2% for facial skin bio revitalization

18.00 $

●penetrates deep into the epidermis

●participates in restoration of intercellular matrix

●starts collagen and elastin synthesis

●provides a proactive lift

●inner and outer moisturizing effect

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A proactive and powerful revitalizing cocktail with a reparative and restructuring action Promotes angiogenesis in damaged dermis areas, regulates and synchronizes biochemical processes, and recreates the living potential of all skin cells. Thanks to its low weight, low-molecular hyaluronic acid acts from within, easily penetrating the epidermis and dermis, where it ensures nourishment for fibroblast cells and serves as a prerequisite for synthesis of natural collagen and elastin, promotes generation of autogenous hyaluronic acid, while participating in repairing of intercellular matrix, provides an instant lift effect, restores intradermal water reserves and reduces the depth or wrinkles.


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