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MultiActive Complex Express Recovery for Face, Neck and Décolleté

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Black olive oil provides complete skin nutrition and instant moisturization, giving your face a fresh and glowing look.
Tens’Up™ provides a instant lift, and a lasting anti-aging effect on skin by stimulating collagen synthesis. Lifts skin, improves tonicity. Your facial contours become clearer and more expressive.
Caffeine stimulates cell metabolism and capillary blood circulation, has a tonifying effect and eliminates traces of fatigue.
JUVINITY is a comprehensive lipid that slows down cellular skin aging, stimulates cell vitality, tightens and rejuvenates face and neck skin, and smooths the deep décolleté area, improving its appearance.

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The MultiActive  Complex Express  Recovery: express care for mature skin. The effective formula of the complex is developed on the basis of black olive oil and active ingredients, which rejuvenate face, neck and décolleté skin:

  • provide an instant lift
  • smooth and firm tender neck and deep décolleté skin
  • eliminate signs of skin fatigue
  • increase skin firmness, while molding facial contours
  • stimulate synthesis of collagen
  • replenish moisture and nutrients


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