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Stapiz Deep Plex 4

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Deep Plex No. 3 Bond Stabilizer helps retain bonds power in hair fibres between chemical treatments

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  • Deep Plex is a revolutionary system of hair protection and repair developed by the laboratory of the company Stapiz – Professional Hair Cosmetics in cooperation with a group of hair stylists.
  • Deep Plex Hair System is based on an innovative copolymer reaching the very hair cortex, adding internal strength and ensuring protective external film.
  • The applied active substances combined with the innovative technology penetrate hair during hair treatments, providing multidirectional effect of protection, strengthening and rebuilding hair during hair treatments. The system offers a possibility of using the products both at hairdresser’s (professional hair treatment) and at home (dedicated complex home hair care).
  • Designed for use in the hairdressing salon after a chemical treatment with DEEP_PLEX as well as for daily home care.
  • Deep Plex No.4 – The Stabilizing shampoo formula is based on delicate washing substances that have been selected to thoroughly clean the hair and head skin without compromising the results. Additionally, the active ingredients stabilize the effects of the treatment producing a rich, creamy foam with a neutral pH.


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