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Intensive Lifting Facial Mask

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The Intensive Lift facial mask is an indispensable product for combating age-related skin changes.
The complex of active ingredients included in the cream:

  • provides a visible lift
  • nourishes, softens and deeply moisturizes skin
  • reactivates synthesis of collagen
  • reduces wrinkles, providing a visible rejuvenating effect
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Black olive oil provides complete skin nutrition and lasting moisturization, giving your skin a renewed, fresh and glowing look.
Matrikine is among the most effective peptides that fight age-related skin changes, activates production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, smooths wrinkles, and provides a lift. As a result, your facial contours are noticeably improved, and your skin becomes tighter and firmer.
Hyalusphere PF is targeted-action high-molecular hyaluronic acid that penetrates the deep layers of skin and pushes wrinkles out from the inside, creating a lift and wrinkle fill effect.
Shea butter provides increased skin nourishment, eliminating a feeling of dryness and tightness, and restores your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, keeping moisture within your skin.


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